Monday, March 23, 2009

ATASI / Linum usitaissimum – Medicinal

ATASI/ Linum usitaissimum – Medicinal Plants

Sanskrit names: Atasi, Pichchita, Devi, Medagandha, Madothata, Uma, Hshuma. Hemavati, Rudraneela, Masruna, Suvalkala.

Botanical Description: This is a herb attaining height of 1 to 1.25 meter.


Leaves —long, narrow.

Flowers — blue.

Fruits — circular in shape with shallow seeds. Depending on the colour of seeds

it is subdivided into 4 types, (1) white (2) yellow (3) red and (4) black.

Habitat In India — Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Ptadesh, Russia, Britain, Holland.

Chemical composition Seeds have 37 to 44% oil. White seeds have more oil. Fresh oil is more viscous but in fresh air it gets solidified.


Indian Medicinal Plants ; Ayurveda

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