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Clitoria ternatea / APARAJITA - Medicinal Plants -Therapeutic Uses

Clitoria ternatea / APARAJITA - Medicinal Plants -Therapeutic Uses

Therapeutic Uses—


(1) Dañta süla- Root of Aparãjita along with Marica is kept in the mouth (Vai. Ma.).

(2) Sotha- Paste of Girikarnikã leaves is used internally/ orally (V.S.)

(3) Manasaroga- Root of white flowered Aparãjitã is pounded with rice-water and used as Nasya by mixing with ghee (R. M.).

Indications— Kustha, Unmãda, Vrana, süla,
Part Used— Root/root bark, seeds

Dosage— Root powder I-3g, seed powder 1-2 g.



Clitoria ternatea / APARAJITA - Medicinal Plants - Morphology



It is a perennial climber. Leaves- pinnate 5-9 foliolate.

Flowers- showy, blue or white, petals unequal, style bearded below the stigma.

Fruits- pods, linear, compressed.

Seeds- 6-10, black (Flowers in rainy season and fruits in winter).

Distribution & Habitat

Almost throughout India, wild or cultivated. Western - north India (Marwad), Egypt, Syria. Mesopotamia, Iraq. Persia, Arabia, Afghanistan etc. Dates and dhamasa grow in sandy regions.

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