Friday, March 20, 2009

Cissampelos parieta / PATHA – Medicinal

Cissampelos parieta / PATHA - Medicinal Plants External uses Being wound healer. antidote and Kushthaghna, paste of leaves and root is used in purities, skin disorders and snake poison. Juice or powdered roots are used as a nasya.

Internal uses

Digestive system : Being an appetizer, digestive, laxative, astringent and anthelniintic, it is useful in anorexia. indigestion,abdominal pain, diarrhoea and dysentery.

Circulatory system : It is a blood purifier and has anti-inflammatory properly, so it is used in blood disorders, heart disorders and inflammation.
Respiratory system Being an expectorant, is is used in cough and dyspnoea.

Reproductive system Since it purifies breast milk it is used in various disorders ot breast milk secretion.

Urinary system : diuretic, hence useful in dysuria and haematuria.

Skin : Kushthaghna, Useful in skin disorders.

Temperature : Being febrifuge and refrigerant, it is used in jwara. fever related diarrhoea and burning disorders.

Satmikaran : Antidote and tonic - bitter tonic.
Excretion : This drug is excreted through urine.


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